Unattended electric ignition allows the
stove to be completely
thermostatically controlled

Thermostat signals the stove to fully
modulate heat which burns less fuel to
maintain temperature settings

No agitator to get gummed up with
burn residue

Air filter prevents dust from circulating
into your home, extends the
life of the stove and increases fan

A gravity seal ash pan removes the
need for latches or moving parts
and is easy to open

One hopper full of fuel burns for up to
36 hours without refill

For safety, the vacuum switch insures
that doors are sealed before
stove can operate

Heat output will vary, depending on
the brand, type and quality of fuel and
the moisture content. Consult your
dealer for best results.

Heating capacity and efficiency may
differ due to climate, building
construction and condition, amount and
quality of insulation, location of the
fireplace, type of fuel used and air
movement in the home. BTU output
will vary depending on the type of fuel
used. Units require standard
maintenance in accordance with the
owner's manual.

Why Buy An MF3800?

The Cumberland Stove
Works MF3800 is much
more then a pretty face.
Advanced technology in
Tri-X Heat Control
provides the most efficient
multi-fuel pellet stove on
the market. The most
bang for your buck.


MF3800 Multi Fuel Pellet

Model Number MF3800
BTU Conversion Rate 99%
Overall Efficiency  82%
BTU/hour input 45,000
Heating Capacity 2,200
Sq. Ft.
Fuel Storage Capacity 62
Feed Rate 4.8 lbs/hr
Flue Size 3 in.
Width 22 in.
Height 40 in.
Depth 22 in.
Shipping Weight 287 lbs.

Includes: Three Year &
Limited Lifetime Warranty